Eye of Eternity, phase 3

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After doing EoE a few times with people who haven’t done the raid before, I’ve noticed that phase 3 of Malygos can be very confusing for a lot of people. This post is intended to be a reference for how to do the fight. It is not, however, a substitute for getting practice with the Aces High! daily quest or for paying attention to the big nasty lightning balls.

The Abilities
Your drake has six abilities. Four of these are key to staying alive, one is very useful for doing damage, and one other is useless in my opinion. Let’s look at the abilities first:

Ability #1: Flame Spike
Ability #1 in EoE

Flame Spike is the basic damage-dealing ability. What makes it important, however, is that it awards you combo points for the three big abilities (described below). You want to be using this ability any time you aren’t trying to keep yourself or others alive in order to build up combo points.

Ability #2: Engulf in Flames
Ability #2 in EoE

Engulf in Flames is the big dps ability. It only works when the drake has built up combo points by using #1. I tend not to use this ability too frequently because I am using the #4 and #5 somewhat regularly. My rule of thumb is to use it when everybody is healthy and I have extra combo points.

Ability #3: Revivify

Revivify is the single-target heal over time. The way the stacks work is very similar to sunder armor: as long as the spell is refreshed before the 10 seconds are up, it will stay at max stacks. Keeping this at max stacks is very important as the ability provides a lot of healing and will not need to be built up to 5 again. At the very start of the fight you will have plenty of time to get this at max stacks. I recommend practicing a rotation so that this ability is used every 7-9 seconds.

Ability #4: Life Burst

Life burst is the raid-wide AoE heal. It works much like #2 and I try to use it from time to time when I notice others in the raid are low on health. It’s not a big enough heal to save somebody that stands in the lightning ball, but it is useful for helping the entire raid stay topped off.

Ability #5: Flame Shield

Flame Shield is the only damage-mitigation ability available to the drakes. In my opinion, it’s also the most important ability. From time to time Malygos will focus on one target and do a 72k damage over 3 seconds. At full health this will not kill a drake, but it will be very close. Thankfully there is a warning before Malygos uses this ability. In this time it is best to use #1 1-3 times (less if you already have combo points saved up) and then pop #5. Even if you only have the shield up for part of the spell, it makes a big difference.

Ability #6: Blazing Speed

As far as I can tell, this is useless.

My rotation
I’ve already described a little how I use them. In general, my rotation looks something like the following:

  • 33333 (to start the fight)
  • 1113 (to built up combo points and refresh my stack of #3)
  • 5, 4 or 2 (depending on the situation and prioritized in that order: 5 if I am being attacked, 4 if others are hurt, 2 if everything is ok)
  • 1113 and another big ability, repeat until done

General observations
This method seems to work well for me.   One downside to it is that damage output is somewhat reduced because I am not using #2 very often, so it might be a bad idea to have an entire of drake riders like myself.  I can imagine that you would want 2-4 (in EoE 10) like myself and then have the rest strongly prioritize #2 over #4.

The method I have described varies quite a bit from the one used in the Tankspot video.  I find it preferable, though, because it relies less on the entire raid following the plan exactly or the performance of a single healer.  With my method, each member of the raid is responsible for keeping themselves alive, though at the cost of some dps.  The loss of any one member (due to lag, disconnects, inexperience, etc.), then, should not radically affect the raid’s overall damage or healing performance.


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  1. I would like to add a couple comments to this:

    Engulf in Flames is a stackable DoT, so I think the reason most people advise assigning dps or healing tasks in a raid is because stacking up HoTs and DoTs is more effective than everyone spreading evenly. That being said, taking care of yourself first is good if you don’t have a well coordinated raid group.

    Revivify gives 500 health per second per stack, so at 5 stacks, 2500 health per second.

    Flame Shield eliminates 80% of incoming damage. I thought I would put the number out there so people get a perspective on this. It is key if you are getting the focused damage from Malygos.

    Other than that, each ability is based on energy like a rogue. Mostly the energy is regained fast enough that it’s not a big issue, but make sure you keep enough in reserve to fire a couple Flame Spikes and pop your shield if Malygos comes after you.

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