Tanking Koralon

October 2, 2009 at 4:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

There are lots of other guides to this encounter, so I won’t rehash something that others done a better job explaining.  I just want to focus on one lovely piece of idiocy I witnessed tonight and share some suggestions on how to avoid them.

The typical method for moving Koralon around as the ground is littered with fires is to move in a circle around the central hexagon on the floor.  Because of how Meteor Fists works, both the MT and the OT need to move in concert for the raid to be successful.

Tonight, as I was maintanking Koralon, I had an OT that, after I moved out of a fire, would be standing to the side or behind Koralon.  When Meteor Fists happened, my healers tended to have heart attacks trying to keep me alive.  (To their credit, I usually survived the initial MF hit.)  The OT was, among his many other failings, not positioning himself well for this move.  Instead of standing to my left and towards the center of the circle (we were kiting clockwise), he was standing to my right.  As a result, for each of my movements he would have to make a lengthier (both in distance and, critically, time) movement.  Also, since the direction that Koralon faces will move slightly to the right (from Koralon’s perspective) each time, this also means that the OT would be at risk of being to Koralon’s side even if he moved backwards enough.

When using this method, I suggest the OT stay slightly to the tank’s left.  The OT will have a slightly shorter distance to travel and, since Koralon naturally will turn in the OT’s direction, there is less risk of being at the boss’ side.  The diagram below provides an exaggerated depiction of this idea:

Paths for a good offtank, the main tank, and the bad offtank while kiting Koralon.

Paths for a good offtank (blue), the main tank (green), and the bad offtank (red) while kiting Koralon.

I would also suggest the OT stay slightly behind the MT.  Simply due to latency, you can expect the OT to move roughly a half-second later than the MT, so it is good to stay at the edge of melee range while offtanking in order to provide some cushion against rapid movements by the main tank.


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  1. Addendum: a lot of what I wrote here was based on a couple of very messy pug runs in VOA. After a couple guild runs and some reflection, I think it is better to have a couple of tanks slowly move around in a predictable fashion. Problems happen when the OT cannot predict where the MT is going.

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