Warrior tanks: common mistakes you can diagnose in Recount

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Lately I have been using the new LFG system to get a little practice as dps.  It has worked out fairly well and, overall, I have been very happy with the quality of tanking that I have seen.  Most runs go very smoothly, often without any wipes or even deaths.  That said, success should not always be taken as an indicator that everything is fine.  Let’s look at a few places where many warrior tanks can improve and how you can spot these problems in Recount.

1) Heroic Strike spam
Whenever a warrior tank has high rage (generally anything higher than 50/100 qualifies), they should be using Heroic Strike (single target) or Cleave (multi-target) to produce extra damage and threat.  This is rage that is otherwise likely to go to waste, so why not use it?  It’s free damage and threat.  Click on the tank’s bar in Damage Done and there should be a breakdown of the number of each type of attack by the tank.  If the total number of HS + Cleave is less than half the total number of melee attacks, you probably have a problem.  This will, of course, vary according to encounter and tank, but it serves as a reasonable target in my opinion.

2) Interrupts
In prot, warriors have one interrupt (Shield Bash) available every 12 seconds and a silence (Heroic Throw) every minute.  Use them!  These are particularly useful for collecting caster groups, as in the new FoS and PoS instances.  If you go through a whole instance and the tank has a zero in the Interrupts tab on Recount, there is probably a problem.  These abilities, coupled with the stuns of Shockwave and Concussion Blow, are what make warriors so wonderful at offtanking Iron Council and fights like it.

3) Vigilance
This ability is very situational, but if you have one dps consistently stealing aggro and taking a lot of damage, put Vigilance on that person.  It reduces their threat by 10% (!!) and damage taken by 3%.  This should make life easier for everybody.  If nobody has Vigilance, that is bad.  You is not listed in Recount, but a quick scan of the buffs in your group should be sufficient to see if anybody has it.

4) Battle Shout and Commanding Shout
Both of these are powerful abilities, boosting attack power and health respectively.   Use them!  Like Vigilance, this is not displayed in Recount, but a quick scan of buffs should make it clear.

5) Thunder Clap
Thunder Clap is critical to holding AoE threat for warrior tanks.  But, not only does it create threat, it also debuffs the bad guys.  If your tank is not using it regularly on trash fights, that could be a problem.  The cooldown is 6 seconds and the duration is 30 seconds, so depending on the quality of dps in your group you should see at least 2-5 uses in Recount per trash pull.

Note: for all of the above, there are certain to be exceptions, but these five points provide a reasonably good technique for assessing your warrior tank’s capacity to use all of his or her abilities.


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