Rotface: why two stacks?

March 9, 2010 at 1:29 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Some of the online strategies for Rotface that I have read recommend splitting the raid into two groups that stack on each of the boss’ legs.  I have heard several people ask why this method is preferred over a single stack directly behind the boss.  After a conversation last night with a more experienced tank, I think I now understand why.  I explain my thinking below.

Rotface has an ability called Slime Spray.  He will periodically select one raid member to turn towards with a large AOE cone attack.  Anybody standing where the targetted raid member was will be hit for about 5k every second for 5 seconds.  The damage can be avoided by moving and doing so is generally a very good idea.

Splitting the group into two stacks is better than one because the severity of the worst case scenario is reduced.  There are several problems with the one stack case.  First, everybody has to move for every Slime Spray, wasting time.  Movement frequently reduces dps and hps output for those that have to move and a single stack creates this problem for everybody.  Second, if anybody is lagging or inattentive they will be hit.  In the two stack case, however, half of the raid can stand still.  If the healers are split evenly between the groups, there is never a time where all healers are busy with movement and unable to put out full healing.  Furthermore, half of the raid is in no danger of being hit even if they are lagging or inattentive.  The idea for two stacks, then, is to minimize the maximum amount of disruption suffered by the raid when Slime Spray occurs.

All of this said, I have also observed that most of the boss kill videos that I have viewed online do not seem to be using this approach.  Instead, they simply spread out in a semicircle behind the boss.  Presumably this offers even more benefits in terms of reducing the maximum number of people that must move, though it does require a little more awareness of exactly where the boss is pointed.


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