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June 11, 2010 at 4:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Not too long ago, I complained about raid progression on my server.  At that time, I was being recruited by the two top guilds on my server (note: this isn’t especially impressive; at the time they were the only guilds that could clear the first four bosses in ICC 10 without struggles).  I tried one of the guilds for a while, but they wanted me to dps.  So I moved to my current guild, which is sadly breaking up.  This leaves me with no real options to tank for a decent guild on my server.  So, as the title of my post says, it is time for me to switch servers.

The entire prospect of changing servers is daunting.  It’s much bigger than simply changing guilds.  I will be losing almost my entire friends list and my knowledge of who on my server is good and who isn’t.  I will have to learn a whole new set of names, guilds and so on.  Prices on the AH are likely to change, so there will be an adjustment period there.  I am also likely to go from being a big fish in a small pond (Rivendare is one of the least progressed servers out there) to an afterthought.  Change is scary and server transfers are no exception.

I am especially worried about my prospects for tanking.  As raid spots for tanks are limited, there is often fairly intense competition for these slots.  As a relative unknown, I am likely to lose opportunities to tank as to others that are known and trusted in that role.  Furthermore, due to the importance of the tank role, those positions are likely to already be filled within successful guilds.  As a result, I am probably facing an uphill battle for building trust, getting raid invites, and securing a regular spot for myself.

To help me in selecting a destination realm, I have begun compiling a lot of information on various servers.  In particular, I have been looking for a US server with a number of successful raiding guilds, a favorable (or at least even) alliance-horde ratio, a medium overall population level, and an economy where I have opportunities to make money. A few server names have come up regularly, but it is hard to get an accurate idea of what they are like without investing a lot of time visiting them.  So I am posting a list of servers that I am considering in the hope that my readers (reader?) might help me make an informed decision.  I am currently looking at:

  • Executus
  • Ner’zhul
  • Stonemaul
  • Spirestone
  • Aerie Peak
  • Dark Iron

Are these good servers to consider?  Should I pass any of them over?  Are there other servers I should consider?  One thing that I have noticed in looking at the webpages for many of the guilds on these servers is that warriors are rarely being recruited.  As my main is a prot warrior, this is problematic for me.  Most of these servers are older, so is it common for there to be an abundance of prot warriors on such servers?  I would like to find a place where I can raid with my warrior, ideally with friends that play a hunter, enhancement shaman and resto druid.



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  1. It’s really tough, eh mate. I have no strong advice for you on this one.

    • I’ve been on Cenarius for a couple of weeks now. Big culture shock, but I’m glad I made the switch. Of course, my dilemma now switches from which server among many to which guild among many. On Rivendare, I don’t know that there were ever more than three guilds that could get much beyond 5/12 in ICC 25, so the choices were fairly easy to sort through. Now I’m trying to evaluate upwards of twenty guilds that would have been #1 on the old server. It’s exciting but I feel a bit paralyzed at times. In the meantime, pugging is usually fun. I’ll probably have another followup here in a few weeks.

  2. hey.. i am happy to report that CH was the first to kill the LK on the alliance side woot!.. (w/o having member that had transferred from horde) lol

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