More tricks for Lootship

September 11, 2010 at 4:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Quick update: it has been a while since I last posted when I was considering a server transfer. I went ahead with it and have finally settled into a nice routine, raiding regularly and getting experience with hardmodes. My main has switched a little to my priest (more on this in an upcoming post), but I’m still tanking.

By now, even the heroic version of Lootship is no longer much of a challenge for most raiders. I’ve written previously about this fight. In the interest of making the fight interesting (or at least faster), I thought I would share a few little tricks that I have picked up. I’ve tried to illustrate them with pictures below:

Tank Saurfang without getting hit (click image to enlarge)

Instead of jumping back and forth, which seems to be the standard method, stay on the Horde ship and kite Saurfang. This is done by using the jet pack to jump up and back down on the back of the Horde ship. Saurfang will attempt to follow up/down the ramp to the side, giving the tank time to jump again. Begin the fight by tanking Saurfang long enough to build aggro, then begin jumping and occasionally taunting. This is an excellent technique to use for attempting the On A Boat achievement.

Let the Rending Throw stacks build to 10+ (click image to enlarge)

I think this is a really dumb way to get On A Boat in ICC 25, but I’ve done it. Instead of finessing Saurfang as in the previous example, here we brute force the encounter via tank mitigation and healer throughput. Two tanks jump over. After the first tank gets aggro, the second immediately taunts from the edge of the boat. Saurfang will freeze, throw axes and begin to build his stack of Battle Fury. The tanks will trade taunts from the edge of the ship to clear their stacks of Rending Throw. Save cooldowns for the end. As with the previous method, the advantage here is that melee will be able to freely roam the opposition boat and kill mages, rocketeers and axethrowers without interference.

Do Lootship without any Ice Blocks (click image to enlarge)

By using Distract, rogues can get the Battlemage to stop in place before casting Ice Block. It generally takes two uses of Distract (i.e., two rogues) to pull this off. By reducing cannon downtime, the Gunship encounter can be completed in under 4 minutes.

I have some other tricks I’ve been meaning to write up with screenshots, but I’d be interested in hearing from others, too.  Do you have tricks you use for the ICC fights?


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