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There has been a lot of talk and discussion of Cataclysm lately. While I, too, am excited about the new stuff, I hope that the fine people at Blizzard will take a few minutes to address some longstanding issues in the old stuff:

AFKing in battlegrounds
On both my old and new battlegrounds (Emberstorm and Whirlwind, respectively) this is rampant, particularly late in the evening.  This is incredibly frustrating since AFKers meant that your team is playing at a disadvantage.  Reporting a player that repeatedly AFKs does not appear to have any effect; you will see them back in BGs within 20 minutes.  Escalating the penalty for AFKing is one potential solution; the first offense would simply be removal from the BG, but a tenth offense could mean no BGs for a week or more.

The rules regarding punishment for ninjalooting in raids and subsequent item restoration seem designed to protect the offending party.  Blizzard’s standard for what constitutes ninjalooting is so high that admitting “so what if I ninja’ed it” is insufficient for any action to be taken.  It would be helpful if setting loot to Master Looter required a vote.

Playing the game (ie, practice) does little to improve play
Anybody that has tried to run Ramps since the release of DKs knows that most new DKs don’t know how to play their class or, oftentimes, a melee class.  The class is so powerful from 55-60 that having any knowledge of how to play is unnecessary.  This phenomenon isn’t limited to new DKs either; it is present to some extent across all classes, as can be verified by the 600 dps spellpower hunter in your last H Nexus run.  In Vanilla WoW there were a few class-specific quests which served to verify that a player had the necessary skill to play their class.  A few that spring to mind:

I’m sure there are other examples, but what I think is important to note about these three is that in order to advance your character it was necessary to demonstrate your skills.  In the current 1-80 grind, improving your skills is not needed and, as a result, new players show up in heroics and are completely bewildered.  Such a sharp upward turn in the learning curve is jarring and can be painful; I would prefer it be smoother.  Playing the game should be a form of practice that helps players to get better at it as they face new and greater challenges.

Server imbalances
Ghostcrawler says:

Raiding should be about strategy and tactics on the battlefield, not logistics long before the battle starts.

When I used to play on Rivendare, which has a very substantial Alliance-Horde imbalance, so much of raiding success depended on logistics.  Just getting enough of the right players to show up could be a major obstacle to getting much beyond 4/12 in ICC 25.  With few strong raiders on the server and more of them leaving for greener pastures every day, finding good replacements was rarely an option.  In other words, we were handicapped before we ever began to think about raiding.  The imbalance within (ie, Alliance-Horde imbalance) and between (eg, Cenarius vs Rivendare imbalance) servers has huge effects on player experience that can often be very negative.  It is difficult for a new player to make an informed decision about server choice and yet this is the decision they must make before even picking a class!  I’m all for there being a variety of server types, but I think it would be better if players had one free transfer given the impossibility of making an informed decision regarding servers.


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  1. […] are a few quests of this sort, but they are rare.  I’ve written previously about some of the quests that test a player’s ability to perform common raid tasks: Priest quest for Benediction: to get this staff, it was necessary to complete a difficult quest […]

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