Theorycrafting resources for Cataclysm

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Elitist Jerks has a post up on the combat rating conversions for level 85.  For warrior tanks, here are some of the especially relevant bits (note that several of these disagree slightly with the values found by Satorri):

  • Dodge: 176.71899 rating per percentage point.
  • Parry: 176.71899 rating per percentage point.
  • Block: 88.3594 rating per percentage point.
  • Hit: 120.109 rating per percentage point.
  • Crit: 179.28 rating per percentage point.
  • Expertise: 30.0272 rating per skill point
  • Mastery: 179.28 rating per point.
  • (note: some of the above percentages are also subject to diminishing returns)

I find it interesting that dodge and parry have the same conversion coefficient.  Since they provide the same amount of mitigation, parry may be the better of the two if it still provides parry-haste benefits.  Also, notice that the block coefficient is almost exactly half that of dodge or parry.  Since block provides 30% of the benefit of the other two ratings, it would appear to be a weaker mitigation stat at low mastery levels.  EJ did not mention block having diminishing returns, as is the case for dodge and parry.  If so, this could mean that block will be weak at low gear levels and become stronger as the expansion progresses.

A few other points of interest:

  • “Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights now all get 25% Strength as Parry Rating as a base skill, with all decimals floored.”
  • “With Defense Rating removed, there is no longer a way to increase chance to be missed.”

Since strength will provide parry, dodge will probably be a better stat to gem for due to weaker diminishing returns.

Also, BobTurkey has some information on priest mana regeneration at level 85.


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