Expected Warrior stats for level 85 raiding

October 19, 2010 at 12:33 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Zarko has put together a spreadsheet estimating tank stats at level 85 when well-geared and raid buffed.  Here’s what warriors can expect to have:

  • 46784 armor (36432 without Devotion Aura)
  • 3316 strength
  • 7625 stamina
  • 2329 dodge rating
  • 688 parry rating (I believe this does not include 829 rating from strength)
  • 1967 mastery rating
  • 634 agility
  • 728 ‘other’ rating (eg, hit, expertise)
  • 7 gem sockets

In terms of avoidance, he calculates that these will yield 14% dodge, 12% parry, 56% block and 5% miss.

Due to how mastery scales, making choices about whether to gear for mastery or other stats is not always straightforward.  I’m currently working on a small calculator to help with such decisions.  Zarko’s gear profile should be helpful for that project.


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  1. […] mastery for the purpose of reducing incoming damage? Let’s look at an example that draws on Zarko’s expected raid tank stats. Our imagined warrior tank at 85 will have, prior to […]

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