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November 23, 2010 at 11:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Below are some links I found useful, informative or funny and wanted to share.

Righteous Orbs provides an example of hilariously bad raid explanations.  What is notable, I think, is that despite providing so much information, the explanation actually communicates very little about the fight.  This is part of what bothers me about some of the more recent videos from Tankspot; they list abilities rather than describing fights.

Gamasutra has a fairly detailed and interesting look at MMO economies.  I don’t know that it’s especially useful during periods of little change in WoW, but I can see it being helpful in translating what you already know to a new environment, whether that be a new WoW patch or a new game.  What you think you know to be true might not always be correct.

Rhidach describes some of the scaling problems with the new Vengeance mechanic for tanks.  Tank gearing will be interesting during Cataclysm, particularly given healer mana constraints and the accompanying need to reduce overall damage taken.

Caffeine Smokes and AH Fees describes how the changes to heroic strike and other on-next-swing abilities has radically changed the difficulty of the Razuvious fight in Naxx.

Player vs Developer observes that the changes to healer mana and the seeming increase in difficulty may affect LFD queue times in Cataclysm.  I found the following portion particularly insightful:

Group content in World of Warcraft (and most other holy trinity MMO’s) is designed to require 20% or more of players to play healers.  This constraint on class requirements for groups has created a situation where large numbers of players who do not want to play healers are doing because someone has to (and/or because their personal wait times are lower as a result).  When someone is doing something that they want to do, you can appeal to their sense of reason that increased challenge will make their victory more enjoyable.  When someone is only doing something because their guild needed another healer, increased challenge only makes an unpleasant task even less enjoyable.

[…] if the majority of players (who choose DPS) have dramatically less access to actually playing the game because the guy with a healing off-spec no longer thinks he can handle healing the instance and decides to queue with all the other DPS instead.  It’s going to be very interesting to see whether Blizzard sticks to their guns if the increased difficulty leaves the highly popular random instance grind unplayable.

Regular readers here know that role balance in LFD is a particular interest of me, so this change is worrisome.  With the changes to tank snap AOE aggro generation and the purported increase in the technical difficulty of pulls, we may see something similar occur with tanks, too.  I know more than a few mainspec healers and dps that queue as tanks for the fast queue time; what role will they queue as next month?



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  1. My guild is going for Undying tonight. Thank goodness you posted a link to the info about Razuvious!

    I, too, am curious to see what the long pull in the dungeon queue will be. I imagine it will still be tanks first.

  2. Yikes, nearly two years after writing this post it seems that Player v Developer was oddly prescient about how Cataclysm heroics would turn out.

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