Cheat sheet: new 4.1 instances

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Two new 5 man heroic dungeons — Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub — are being added in the 4.1 patch for Cataclysm.  While they are similar to the old raids, the differences are significant enough that it’s worth reviewing the different abilities involved in each fight.  This article attempts to provide a quick reference for both instances.

LoD has already produced a really good video about this instance.  I definitely encourage watching it, even though it is a bit longish at 12 minutes.  Icy Veins has composed a very complete written guide for the instance.  My notes below are intended to be a brief reminder of the major mechanics for each fight.

Venoxis (snake boss)

  • Spread out.  When a green beam connects two people, they need to run away from each other.
  • Don’t stand in green stuff.
  • Interrupt.
  • Move out of the green poison breath.
  • After he runs back up on his platform, a green beam will chase you.  Kite it.

Mandokir (raptor boss)

  • Party members will get one-shot throughout this encounter.  It’s part of the mechanics.  Take the free battle rez when offered.
  • Move out of the orange fire stuff.
  • Kill the raptor ASAP (he becomes attackable about 20 seconds into the fight)
  • Save dps and defensive cooldowns for Frenzy at 20% health.

Kilnara (panther boss)

  • Pull and kill all panthers before the boss reaches 50%.  Don’t pull too many at once, however, as they apply a bleed.
  • Move out of the purple wave cone, as it does a knockback and significant (~80k) damage.
  • Interrupt her cast when possible.
  • Save cooldowns for post-50% when she gains a large haste buff.

Zanzil (cauldron boss)

  • Interrupt/reflect Voodoo Bolt & move out of the purple fire.
  • Zanzil has three random abilities (green, blue and red) for which you need to drink from the corresponding cauldron.  For blue, burn the berserker that spawns (if you get a blue arrow, kite the berserker).  For red, be aware that the Hellfire buff will do friendly fire.  For green, just drink the cauldron and go back to dps.

Jin’do (final boss)

  • In phase one, move the boss out of his anti-magic shield.  When he casts his big ability, move under the bubble so you don’t die.
  • In phase two, the big trolls need to be pulled one at a time to the four chained mobs.  Their big ability will break the chain.  While doing this, collect and kill the little adds while avoiding the purple fire on the ground.


Icy Veins has written another excellent guide for this instance.  I found a fairly good video guide, but it’s a bit older and some differences may exist between the video and the live version.

 Nalorakk (bear boss)

  • He will charge the furthest away person every 20 seconds, doing damage and applying a debuff.  You will want to rotate who stands furthest away to avoid unnecessary damage and deaths.

Jan’alai (first bird boss)

  • Move away from fire breath and fire bombs.
  • Icy Veins suggests that one of the two hatchers should be killed each time they spawn to control the hatching of eggs.  The idea is to control the release of adds to a manageable level (similar to Maloriak).

Akil’zon (second bird boss)

  • Kill the Amani Kidnappers to release your friends.  Ignore the other birds.
  • Stay spread out to avoid lightning damage.
  • When the boss picks up a member of the party, stack under that person (indicated with a black circle) to avoid the incoming Electrical Storm.

Halazzi (lynx/totem boss)

  • The boss will periodically spawn healing totems on himself.  The boss should be kited away or the totems should be killed.
  • Two lynx adds will occasionally spawn.  They do not have an aggro table and should be killed asap.


  • The boss will be accompanied by two random adds.  They should be CCed or focused down.  Be aware that the ogre add will occasionally break CC, so he should be killed.
  • He will also use siphon soul on random party members, gaining class-specific abilities.  Interrupt/avoid these where possible.

Daakara (final boss)

  • The boss will have two phases where he gains the power of one of the four animals in the area.
  • Dragonhawk: move out of fire (look for thin orange columns)
  • Eagle: move out of tornadoes, kill totems
  • Bear: no abilities of serious concern
  • Lynx: huge tank damage with a stacking debuff.  Paladins can remove the debuff.
  • Damage appears to be high in all phases.

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