LFD Griefing

May 1, 2011 at 11:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Recently, I’ve leveled a new healer through LFD from 15 to 50. There’s a lot that has been good about the experience, but right now I’m feeling like it is heavily outweighed by the bad. Making matters worse, the mechanics for dealing with don’t work. I’m really unhappy about this.

I think there is a new bot for leveling via LFD. If you’ve played enough battlegrounds, you’ve seen some of the more sophisticated bots that aren’t totally mechanical, but don’t act like actual players either. I’ve seen far too many hunters and mages that play in a very strange and cautious way, doing about a quarter of the damage of a normal dps, looting, and having regular breaks of no movement. They never jump.

There are so many of these bots (I see one roughly every fourth run). I ask questions and attempt to discern if they are humans that play in an odd way or not. If they aren’t, I vote kick. I haven’t had a kick attempt fail yet — everybody else agrees.

I also see fairly high numbers of afkers and disconnects. Maybe one every fifth run. I usually kick those, too.

It’s pretty rare to see a player so unintentionally bad that they threaten the success of the run. I’ve carried several earnest but incompetent dps. I think I’ve kicked one tank that pulled so slowly we would have needed two hours to complete the instance.

When I run into an actual griefer, however, I have more difficulty vote kicking. Today I had a really bad one and nobody in the group could kick him. The rest of the group discussed and all agreed that he should go, but nobody could get rid of him. “You cannot initiate any more party kicks.” Four times. What an awful error message. I’m still upset about this.

The mechanics for vote kick aren’t working when one person can hold the group hostage.



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  1. The default counterpoint seems to be “you don’t have to use it”, which while true actually ignores the feedback that the system is still easy to exploit. I’m keen for some sort of rating or tagging of the players who are poor, rather than the characters – to discourage the account from that behaviour.

    A player who gets enough bad feedback in a short period should be limited or perhaps put in groups with others who hav enegative feedback. Group the players together by rating.

    • I’d love to see something like that. Depending on the different kinds of ratings, I could see it being very useful for solving some of the problems in LFD.

      Outside of griefing/afking/etc, the problems I see in LFD usually seem to spring from players having different priorities. Some people want to get their valor and get out while others are there to learn the fights.

      Grouping players with similar goals would seem to be a better approach for producing a more convivial LFD atmosphere. I’d love to be grouped with players similar to myself, but too often I get the the players that make my blood boil.

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