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  1. I was google-ing some Rivendare statistics today and one of the first results was–jaw drops: Lujanera’s tanking notes
    I read them with excitement , even though Yara will never tank
    But thank you for the EOE explanations, I always suck at that one and ever since you left I’m dropping out of any Occulus random I get in :(
    I printed this for my reference (and my family album :) hihihi) and I promise I will do that daily which I had no idea about ://

    That’s about it
    Hope you’re having fun where u are :)

    PS: somebody on Rivendare misses both of you

  2. Hi Yara!
    I miss a lot of the Rivendare people too. That said, Cenarius is great so far. Lots of fun and the raiding environment is really wonderful. If you ever decide to make a tanking alt, come visit!

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